Questions for the movie, Selena!

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 in Spanish 2A, Spanish 3B

Questions for the movie, Selena! 1.) Selena was the first female to dominate what type of music?   2.) What was the name of the band Selena’s dad was in when he was younger?   3.) Where did Selena live before her family was forced to move to Corpus Christi?   4.) How old was Selena when she first began performing?   5.) Who was Selena’s original band composed of?   6.) What did each family member do?   7.) Who did Selena marry? How old was she?   8.) What was Selena’s favorite food?   9.) What kind of store did Selena own?   10.) Who managed the boutique?   11.) What was Selena dared to do at a fair?   12.) Was her family opposed to her marrying Chris?   13.) Where did Selena move?   14.) Did Selena want children?   15.) Why was Selena so important to the Mexican-American population?   16.) What was Selena’s goal in music?   17.) What was her crossover song?   18.) Who wrote most of her music?   19.) What happened when Selena’s brother drove the...

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Online HW Due 2/28 Before School Ends

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 in Spanish 2A

Good afternoon students, Homework has been posted on for Chp. 4A. You are to complete 250 words by the end of the day on February 28th. Here is a direct link to the word list for your reference. If you need your username or password for, please make sure to email me ASAP. As always, email me with any questions or concerns about anything. See you all in class! Sr....

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Block 3cd Quiz Correction

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 in Spanish 2A

Good morning students, I wanted to make a correction to your quiz schedule. I miscalculated the days and accidentally told you the wrong day for your upcoming quiz. Block 3cd – Your quiz date is this Friday, February 3rd. Basically, we will meet one more time to review what is on the quiz and then you will take the quiz on Friday. Your quiz will consist of Unit 3b vocabulary as well as Direct Object Pronouns. As always, email me with any questions…ciao! Sr....

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Reminder! HW & Extra Credit Due Tomorrow

Posted on Jan 30, 2017 in Spanish 2A

Good morning students, I trust everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Just wanted to send out a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day of the 2nd marking period. Two assignments are due tomorrow by the time school is done for the day… The Chapter 3B HW / Vocabulary Assignment is mandatory and is worth 10 pts. The Extra Credit – 500 Advanced Preterite Conjugations #3 (This one is optional but is worth 10 extra credit points…this can make up for a missed homework assignment. As always, email me with any questions. Ciao! Sr....

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Final HW Assignement for Qtr. 2

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 in Spanish 2A

Good morning students, Many of you expressed an interest in another homework grade for Marking Period 2. As promised, I have assigned a assignment that uses the Chapter 3B vocabulary. You can find the assignment in your Student Zone on Both this activity and the Qtr 2 extra credit assignments are due on the 31st of January by the end of the day. Email me if you have any questions. Ciao! Sr.H

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Extra Credit for Spanish 2A – Due 1/31/2017

Posted on Jan 20, 2017 in Spanish 2A

Good afternoon students, Before you run home for the weekend I thought I would send you a quick note to inform you all of an extra credit opportunity for Quarter 2. The extra credit must be completed before the end of the school day, January 31st. Log onto and complete the Advanced Preterite #3 exercise and you will receive 10 extra credit points. You must complete a mind boggling 500 verb conjugations but if you complete it, you will be well prepared for the final test on Chapter 3A next week as well as the rest of the year. No other homework will be assigned next week. Good luck! Email me with any questions and enjoy your weekend! Sr....

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