The Life of Francisco Goya

Posted on May 24, 2017 in Spanish 3A

Notes by Ali Ramage & Jenna Shirkey The Life of Goya Francisco Jose of Goya and Lucientes was born in Aragon to a humble family. At 17 years old he went to Madrid. He studied there with Francisco Bayeu, and he got married with the sister of him, Josefa. In Madrid he started his artistic career making cartoons for the royal fabric of tapestry. The king in these years, Carlos III, did not want tapestries of biblical or mythological themes, but he wanted daily scenes of the common life of the people from madrid.  Goya’s canvases were light, bright, and colorful. In the year 1789,  the french revolution, Carlos the fourth rose to the throne, the incompetent. In the year 1792 the king expelled and imprisoned many liberals, including many friends of Goya. In the same year Goya suffered an illness that left him deaf (without the capacity to hear). This illness caused a  drastic change in his artistic production. During the 25 years of his service to the king carlos the fourth, he saw a great variety of production of paintings of Goya. The fare paintings include,  La Familia de Carlos IV, La Maja Vestida / Desnuda, El Dos de Mayo, y El Tres de Mayo. Also in 1798 Goya received a petition from the king to paint the dome of the church of san antonio of florida, located in the outskirts of madrid. At his death, the remains of Goya were buried there in a tomb. In addition of the portraits of the royals, Goya drew three series of engravings. He included, los caprichos,- that make fun of the spanish society, los desastres de la guerra, that show the inhumanity of man, and la tauromaquia- dedicated to the bull fighting, a favorite pass time of the artist. The end of his life, alone, without illusion or hope in humanity, Goya painted a group of paintings of topics and grotesque subjects. They are Pinturas Negras. He died in Burdeos in France in...

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Sub Plans – Block 5 & 8

Posted on May 22, 2017 in Spanish 3A, Spanish 3B

Good morning students, I will be out today. Your assignment had been left with the substitute. After you have finished creating your “Caprichos”, you may work in other work. Be sure to take your time on your Caprichos as they are graded on effort…be sure to explain your Caprichos on the back as you did with your self portraits. See you all on Wednesday! Señor H

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Notes for Velazquez Test

Posted on May 16, 2017 in Spanish 3A

Good morning, A couple of years ago, I had a student compile an outline for Diego Velazquez that contains all of the important information outside of the first Diego Velazquez handout (his biography). You may download this handout below. Notes on Diego Velazquez Here is the initial biography I gave everyone on Diego Velazquez. D.V – Biography Here is the review game we used in class. D.V. – Jeopardy See you all next class! Sr....

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In Class Assignment – 5/12/2017

Posted on May 12, 2017 in Spanish 3A

Good morning students, As mentioned yesterday via email, I will be out today to get my hand looked at by the specialist. As promised in yesterday’s email, I am giving you the block to work on your preterite versus imperfect homework which is due by the end of the day. If you have any questions, email me. See you on Tuesday! Sr. H

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Class Updates

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Spanish 3A

Good morning students, Some class updates. Tomorrow, May 12th, I will not be in school. I was able to schedule an appt to get my hand looked at so I will be taking off. That means a few things… ) You will have all of class tomorrow to work on your Conjuguemos HW which is due by the end of the day. ) We will be going over the final 3 Velazquez paintings on Tuesday of next week as well as what you must know about Diego Velazquez for the test. ) Your Velazquez test will be next Thursday. See you on Tuesday and enjoy your weekend! Sr....

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