Block 8 – Day Care Diagram

Posted on Apr 4, 2017 in Spanish 3B

Good afternoon Block 8, The upperclassmen (those that are not participating in Every 15 Mins) and students that are absent today have the following assignment due for next class. Create a diagram of a Day Care using 10 words from page 208 and 5 relevant words from (15 words total) On the front of the paper, label each item with a number and on the back, place the Spanish word that corresponds to the item on the front. Make sure to color your diagram…they are going to be displayed on the walls in class. Email me with any questions. Ciao! Sr....

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Qtr 3 – Extra Credit

Posted on Apr 4, 2017 in Spanish 3A, Spanish 2A, Spanish 3B

Good morning students, As you know, we are coming up to the end of the marking period. This quarter, you have an opportunity to complete an extra credit assignment for 5 extra credit points. These points will be added to a separate column titled, Qtr 3 Extra Credit. If you choose to complete the assignment, you will receive 5 extra credit points. If you choose not to complete the assignment, it will not hurt your grade. Instructions: Complete 350 words correctly. Due by 4/10 by the end of the school day. Email me with any questions! Ciao! Sr....

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Block 1 – Conjuguemos Is Live Again

Posted on Mar 26, 2017 in Spanish 3B

Good evening students, Block 1 Students – Conjuguemos for some reason removed the activity for your class. It is now live again and due to the inconvenience, I have extended the due date to tomorrow evening at midnight. As always, email me with any questions. Ciao! Sr. H

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HW – Due 3/27 before school ends

Posted on Mar 24, 2017 in Spanish 3B

Good morning Block 1, Your homework for Chapter 4a has been posted on You must complete 250 words correctly by 3/27 before the end of the school day. As always, if you have any questions, email me. See you all on Tuesday! Sr. H

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