News Broadcast Project – Spanish 2B

Posted on May 9, 2018 in Spanish 2B

Spanish 2B


Your assignment is to produce a news broadcast.  You should coordinate this effort with the members of your group, maximum of 3 to a group, and follow the guidelines below.

Project Minimum Time – 1 minute 30 seconds

Each broadcast must include:  

– A report on a fake news story (must be obviously fake)

– One commercial break (no more than one commercial of 15 seconds)

Further guidelines:  

– Please create props to be used during the broadcast.  Be creative! (Ex: A weather map)

– Each group must come up with their own broadcast company name. (i.e. ABC News)

ALL group members should be actively involved in the preparation AND

performance aspects of this project. Choose your groups wisely. 

– Broadcasts will be pre-recorded and should therefore be well-rehearsed before the recording.

– The final project should contain transitions between stories.

– Remember to be creative and have fun!  However, presentations should be

professional and therefore “school appropriate.”


Required Grammar

  • Present Tense
  • Imperfect Tense (on-going events in the past)
  • Vocabulary from Chp. 5A and 5B


  • If you make up a story about a company, you must use a fake company name…we will not be slandering companies in this project.
  • If your project is plagiarized in any fashion your group will receive a grade of zero.
  • Your group will be graded based on your creativity and professionalism. Projects must be well rehearsed and planned out. Your grade on this project will reflect upon your preparation and time placed into the final outcome. 

2 grades will be given for this project.

  • The first grade will be for the script which must be written before the news broadcast can be recorded. This must be shared with Senor H via a Google Doc.
  • The second grade will be for the final recording of the news project.


Project due date – May 21st (B Day) / May 22nd (A Day)