Option 2 for Block 4

Posted on May 22, 2018 in Spanish 2B

Spanish 1

The Digital Vacation Brochure

(in Spanish of course)

Due June 1st (Optional instead of handing in the News Project)

Students are required to make a digital vacation pamphlet using Google Slides of a vacation you took in the past.

Your presentation will be graded on the following…

Grammar (40 Points)

Creativity (20 Points)

In your project you are to include the following concepts as a minimum…

-Describe the location in detail

-Describe what the people from that location are like…you can make this part up

-Explain the weather using idiomatic expressions

-Explain at least 5 places to you visited. 

-Explain 5 things that did and where they are located.

Explain in your conclusion, what you liked about the location and why you would go back in the future.


Required Grammar and Materials

  • Present Tense
  • Imperfect Tense (on-going events in the past)
  • Vocabulary from Chp. 5A and 5B
  • 15 slides with 2 sentences per slide.
  • 2 images per slide that pertain to the vocabulary on the slide.


WARNING: If the project is plagiarized in any way, you will receive a 0% for your entire final grade. Do not simply cut and paste from an online website or travel brochure…and most of all, do not use an online translator. Dictionaries are fine to look up words in Spanish.