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Welcome to Señor! Below is the information your son or daughter received on the first day of class which outlines all class requirements and expectations. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please note my email address is different from the standard Roxbury setup since there are 2 teachers with the last name of Hernandez.



Section 1

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Registering for Señor

Parents: This will allow you to receive all class updates, upcoming events and homework posts and upcoming tests and projects via your email.

1)      Register on Click the “Log In” button in the top menu.  Under the spaces where it says, username & password, click on “Register” link to the right in the sidebar. Enter the required information…first & last name, desired username, your email address, password you want & enter the registration code. Click Submit…now check your email for the verification email from my website. Click the link and wait for the website to confirm your email to complete the registration.

2)      Once you have registered, use your username and password to log in to the website. You can log in to the website by clicking the “Log In” link on the top menu.

3)      Finally, once you log in, select the post category which applies to your class in the Subscribe2 section of the dashboard. (Either Spanish 1A, 2A or Spanish 2B)

Parents: You need not go through the above process in order to register for my website. Simply click the following link and provide me with the following information and I will take care of the rest.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Child’s Name
  3. Your Email Address
  4. The Section of Spanish in Which Your Child is Enrolled (i.e.: Spanish 2A, Spanish 3A or Spanish 3B)

Contact Señor H


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Downloading, Printing & Signing the Class Contract

Download the following form, print it, read it, sign it (both you and a parent / legal guardian) and bring it into class the next time we meet.

Student Expectations


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Setting up their account to complete the online portion of their homework.

Create a conjuguemos account where you will be completing the online portion of your homework. Download the following instructions…

Instructions for


Section 2

Click on the links below to view the World Language Syllabus for your child’s class.

Spanish 2A

Spanish 3A

Spanish 3B

As always, email me with any questions.


Jaime Hernández

Spanish Teacher – Roxbury High School


Class Website: