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Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Spanish 1A, Spanish 2A, Spanish 2B

Some students were not able to open up the Conjuguemos PDF document. Here are the instructions for setting up your Conjuguemos account.

Step 1

-In your web browser type…

Step 2

-Click on the orange “Not a member? Join us!” link under the orange, green and purple buttons

Step 3

-Above “Student Registration” click on “Create a new student account”

Step 4

-Enter the school id…which is (77312)

-Create a username and password … the username and password will be visible to your teacher.

Step 5

-Enter your first and last name…please use your real name in order to receive credit for your work

Step 6

-Select New Jersey (NJ) for your school location

Step 7

- Click “Submit Registration”

Step 8

-On the next screen select “(Jaime Hernandez)” as your teacher

Step 9

-Then click submit

Step 10

-On the far left of the screen, click on “Student Zone”…then click on “Practice Zone”…this is where you will normally find your homework assignments…Notes on completing an assignment on

When completing a homework assignment, before starting the activity, remember to check “No” under, “Would you like to be timed?” This will allow you all the time necessary to complete the activity. Never will your assignments be timed.

Make sure “All Pronouns” is highlighted under the “Choose your Pronoun” column…highlighting only one pronoun will result in no credit for that assignment.

Last, when you are ready to complete the assignment, Click “Start” and begin your activity.

Adding accents in…yes…accents count… : )

When you want to add an accent…follow the example.

-If you want to type…marrón…

First…you will type “marro”…

-Then you will click…”Add accent”…

-The “Add accent” button will add an accent to the last letter you typed.

If at any time you are having difficulty with the website, are not able to find the activity or you lost your username and password…email me and I will usually respond within 24 hours with a response.

My email address is as follows…