Special Event Presentation

Posted on Nov 17, 2017 in Spanish 3B

Good morning students,

You will be creating a Google Slides Presentation that will discuss your preparation for a special event. The special event may be any event of your choosing…real or imagined : )  Talk about a recent wedding that took place in your family or your preparation for your attendance at the next Grammy awards. Your only limitation is your imagination. 

The requirements of your presentation are as follows…

  • Create 16 slides that will discuss your preparation for the event.
  • Each slide must have one complete sentence and two images that help the audience understand the vocabulary used in your sentences.
  • 8 of the slides must use “Reflexive Verbs” from page 96 in your book.
  • 15 words that you use in your presentation must be words you looked up using SpanishDict.com
  • You must present your presentation to the class for full credit.

You will have 2.5 classes in order to complete the presentation. The first half of the first class will be a discussion on how to use reflexive verbs. You may work on the presentation outside of class, however, use of any online translator will not be tolerated. As per department policy, use of an online translator will result in a grade of zero on the presentation.

Total points for the presentation will be 40 pts. The breakdown of the grade is as follows.

  • Up to 20 pts will be given for Grammar, Content and Creativity on your slides.
  • Up to 20 pts will be given for your presentation of the special event preparation.

All Students will be presenting their special event projects on November 29th.

Any individual questions may be answered either by email or in class. All presentations must be shared with me so that I may “edit” the presentations. This will allow me to monitor the progress of your presentations.

See you all in class!

Sr. H