Sub Plans – 5/18/2018

Posted on May 18, 2018 in Spanish 3B

Good morning students,

Today you will be watching the following video. Answer the questions that follow on a piece of paper and hand it in by the end of class.


1. At what age did Velazquez begin his first apprenticeship? What was his teacher’s name?


2.Velazquez’ earliest paintings revolved around this group of people. Where did the paintings usually take place?


3. How long did it take to build the palace, El Escorial?


4. What are the most “intriguing” portraits done by Diego Velazquez? (What group of people do they involve?)


5. Since Kings no longer went into battle, what did Kings do to show their ability to command?


6. As court painter, Velazquez was responsible for painting the royalty as well as what other responsibility?


7. Who was fascinated by Velazquez’ painting of the Pope? (Hint: He was British)


8. Towards the end of his stay in Rome, what did Velazquez give to Juan de Pareja?