The History of Spain – Requirements

Posted on Jan 19, 2018 in Spanish 3B



You will be researching one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions…possibly with a partner.  Each student will write his / her own individual report in Spanish, worth 100 points.  Together you will give an oral presentation to the class, with visuals, to teach them what you have discovered about your “autonomía”.  The oral / visual presentation will also be worth 100 points.  Each student will get his / her own grade.  Attached is your score sheet with the specific break-down.


EL INFORME ESCRITO (100 points total)

            Choose specific topics within your autonomy.  Make sure that all vital info about your autonomía is covered between the two of you.  Write a report ENTIRELY in Spanish of approximately 500 words.  Class time will be devoted to the writing.  A rough draft, worth 25 points, will be collected and reviewed for grammatical and content errors.  ANY EVIDENCE OF USE OF TRANSLATORS WILL RESULT IN A ZERO OUT OF 100 POINTS ON THE WRITTEN REPORT.

Your written report should include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion.  DO NOT attempt to write the report in English, and then translate it. Start in Spanish, use simple sentences and simple vocabulary.  You MUST include a “Works Cited” page (as per your agenda book).  List all books, encyclopedias, and websites used.  You MUST use a variety of materials to gather your information.  Review all of the attached requirements carefully to be sure that you have met all expectations.



              YOU ARE THE TEACHER!  You and your possible partner will present a 10/15 minute oral presentation to the class on a pre-assigned date.  Each of you must speak an equal amount and will be graded separately.  Although the oral presentation will restate some of the information from the written report, you MAY NOT READ the report. Your classmates will be taking notes on the information you give.  Use clear and simple Spanish!  Make it interesting!  


             Make your presentation fun and interesting with lots of visuals, music, food, pictures, souvenirs, etc.  Check the score sheet for the requirements.  (To be distributed at a later date) A map and flag (in color) of your autonomía are REQUIRED.  We will take class time to work on this, also!



  • One source must be a book (such as Eyewitness Spain in the Library)
  • One source must be is entirely in Spanish
  • At least five different sources total (including the two mentioned)
  • A cover page (name, period, title- in Spanish)   
  • A Works Cited (format is in agenda book)
  • A clearly organized essay that has an introduction, a few body paragraphs and a conclusion that concludes, not restates the same information.
  • 500 words in the paper (MUST be double spaced, with accents done on the computer, not added later)
  • The flag of your autonomy in COLOR
  • The map of your autonomy in comparison to all of Spain
  • Interesting visuals!
  • NO ENGLISH ALLOWED!!! (For the written report)
  • Simple, concise Spanish that everyone can understand.
  • 10 minutes worth of presentation / 15 minutes for partners
  • Please check the grammar rubrics to make sure you have each verb tense/grammatical point required
  • You must have (in both the oral and the written parts):

Ser/estar used correctly, spelled correctly

Preterite and imperfect used correctly, spelled correctly

Concordance of adjectives/nouns/articles

  • YOUR OWN work – NO computer translations.

Rough Draft Due Date – February 2nd, 2018 by 2:07pm