The Superhero Short Story

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 in Spanish 2B

The “Superhero” Short Story – Spanish 2B

You and a partner will be creating a short story in Spanish that contains the following…

1) an introduction to the main character (the hero) of your short story.

2) a description of the superhero’s special powers. (We as a class must be able to understand their ability)

3) a dilemma where the superhero must use his special power(s) to “Save the Day”.

4) a celebration (using vocabulary from Chapter 4B) where the “saved individuals” thank your superhero.


Required Grammar:

  • Present Tense – Actions happening in the now
  • Imperfect Tense – Actions that were on-going in the past
  • Correct use of Ser & Estar – See grammar guide on the website
  • Minimum 12 Slides with 2 sentences per slide.


The short story will be created using Google Slides. The short story must be presented in class by you and your partner to receive full credit. Presentations will be presented at random beginning on March 26th (B -Day Classes) & March 27th (A-Day Classes).


The total point value of the project is 60 points.

Presentation will be graded on:

Grammar – 20 Points

Varied Vocabulary – 15 Points

Pronunciation – 15 Points (This is graded individually)

Style / Presentation – 10 Points

There will be no test or quiz on Chapter 4B vocabulary. This project will be in lieu of an assessment.

Your short story slides must contain pictures that pertain to your short story.

No English is to be used in the short story.


Use of any translators or advanced grammar will result in a grade of zero.


Please email me with any specific questions or concerns at the following email address.